Wheee! Day

So, over breakfast this morning our daughter commented on the fact that one of her friends texted her at 5 am say her and another friend were getting on a bus to Calgary for We Day. We asked her why she wasn’t going. Apparently she had not been able to complete whatever qualifications there are to attend- volunteering…essay…whatever…I don’t know- At any rate, whatever the reason, the irony is that she didn’t really have the time to go hang out with thousands of teenagers in an arena having a self-love fest for just for being here because she is to busy doing things while she’s here including being an honors student, doing extracurricular activities, fulfilling family responsibilities, and working to pay for her own trip to Europe- among other things.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for kids celebrating themselves and having a sense of self-worth but is really necessary to create an event around it. What happened to creating a sense of fulfillment and self-worth through personal accomplishments and contributions starting with personal independence and responsibility. It’s telling to me that five years after the first We Day events in Canada and similar events around the world the kids of those movements have moved on to create occupy movements around the world. It’s ot a coincidence. Nor is it that I live with a sixteen year old boy who feels entitled to other people’s respect, but they have to earn his.

Here’s my thought for the day. If you want to encourage and empower your children tell them to do their homework, cut the grass, and get a job so they can learn the value their work, their time, and their money rather than joining a few thousand of their friends to celebrate and congratulate each other on successful avoidance.


Hello world!

Welcome to the DAMJ INC blog. After reading a book called 4 Hour Work Week I understood that, while I have worked as an employee in some capacity for most of my life, I have never held one 40 hour a week job. Most of the time I worked much more and sometimes much less for a couple, or several, different organizations at the same time. In any event my purpose has always been to control my time, if not my income, as much as I can. By working around our lives instead of living around our work we are what Tim Ferris calls Lifestyle Entreprenenurs. We have jobs and business that fund, fuel, and facilitate our core enterprise we have come to call DAMJ INC; that is raising our four children Damarius, Aaron, Mason, and Jorja into a world where they find their place, contribute, and create legacies of their own while we all “do some DAMJ” along the way. Our experience take us from the artistic to the autistic, being overwhelmed and overjoyed, frustrated and frantic, hopeful and harried, and through it all learning lessons in leadership, acceptance, tolerance, and success. Our purpose is to build along standing business and purposeful lives that will be a legacy for generations; Our lives will be  built on integrity and contribution to our friends, family, country, and world. We will not only sustain our family in security and comfort but engage our world as benefactors and contributors.We will spend our days and meals in conversation about the good we can do in the world and help others to create the life and legacy we have for themselves. While others mollycoddle in mediocrity we will be visionary inspirations of what is possible. I can’t promise that this will be a daily or even consistent chronicle of our adventures but its my intention to share my experiences, observations, lessons, and musings as they come to me and hope that someone finds some value in them. Thanks for coming along.